Top 5 Popular Silver Coins for Practical Investors

Linen bag of old pure silver coins used to invest in silver as a commodity

Many new and even some long-time coin collectors and precious metal investors are often stumped when it comes to determining which silver coins they want to buy. There are many options out there, so picking one out isn’t always easy.

Do you go with a well-known coin like the Silver Eagle? Or should you just stick with private mint coins?

While we can’t fully answer these questions for you, we can certainly provide information to help make your decision a little easier.

So what are five of the most popular silver coins for investors? Continue reading to find out!


Fractional Silver Rounds (private mint)

Most silver coins are struck in 1-oz denominations, but there are a few available in fractional amounts (1/10, ¼ and ½ ounces). These private mint coins are a great low-cost investment for starting out and can come in handy for barter or last-minute gifts.


Mexico Silver Libertad

In terms of weight and purity, this official coin from the National Mint of Mexico ranks up there with the best coins on the market. Its impressive design celebrates the country’s independence. While the coin itself is relatively young (1982), Mexico’s official mint is one of the oldest facilities of its kind in the Americas.


Washington Junk Silver Quarter

Prior to 1965, quarters, dimes and half-dollars in the U.S. were 90% silver. Today, they’re ideal for entry-level investors, and can come in handy for barter if the need arises. Besides the date on the bottom of the coin, the only way to tell the difference between a pre- and post-65 coin is to “thunk” the coins on your kitchen counter. The sound each coin makes will be distinctively different.


Canadian Silver Maple

Known for its exceptional purity, the Maple Leaf has been minted by the Royal Canadian Mint since 1988. By “exceptional purity,” we mean the Silver Maple is .9999 pure rather than .999 like other popular coins. As Canada’s official silver bullion coin, the Maple features a profile of Queen Elizabeth II on the front and the signature maple leaf on the back. Every Maple Leaf has “Fine Silver 1 Oz Argent Pur” stamped on the back.


American Silver Eagle

The American Silver Eagle is a staple of modern bullion investors. Demand has been so high at times in the last few years that the U.S. Mint has periodically suspended production. The front of the Silver Eagle features the iconic Lady Liberty initially designed by Adolph Weinman for the Walking Liberty Half Dollar (1916-1947). The rear of the coin features 13 stars, which symbolizes the original U.S. colonies.

Any of these silver coins make for a great investment, barter tool for emergencies, or gifts for family and friends. The Silver Maple and Eagles also have proof sets available if you’re looking for more of a collector’s coin.

What are your favorite silver coins? Are there any coins we should have included on our short list here?

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