Coin of the Month: The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coin may look like just about any other silver coin out there, but this coin is light years beyond the average quarter. Besides being easy to find and a good investment, the Silver Maple has some awesome advanced security features that any kid detective is sure to love.

Keep reading to learn why you should own a Canadian Silver Maple.

About the Canadian Maple Leaf Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint first issued the Canadian Silver Maple in 1988. It has a face value of 5 Canadian dollars and, if you ever make it to Canada, it can be used as legal tender. The Silver Maple is also one of the purest coins issued by a world government—minted from 99.9% pure silver.

The coin is simple, yet striking, in its design:

  • Obverse/Front: The front of the coin features a profile of Elizabeth II, the current Queen of England. While Canada is its own nation, the country is still a member of the English Commonwealth of Nations that holds Queen Elizabeth as their monarch. Above her profile, the coin reads “Elizabeth II” and below it reads “5 Dollars” followed by the year of issue.
  • Reverse/Back: The reverse side of the coin shows the beloved maple leaf, which is a familiar symbol for Canadians. The maple leaf appears on the country’s national flag, as well as its royal crest, royal coat of arms and is the leaf of its national tree. Above the maple leaf, the coin reads “Canada.” Below, it says “Fine Silver 1 oz Argent Pur.” Argent pur means “pure silver” in French, one of the two national languages of Canada.

Super Cool Security Features of the Silver Maple

In 2014, the Royal Canadian Mint introduced highly advanced security features on its most famous coin, the Silver Maple. The front and the back of the coin feature radial lines, which are small, closely spaced etchings that radiate from the center of the coin outwards, like the rays of the sun. And like rays of the sun, the lines were created in such a way that the coin should catch and reflect light.

The back of the coin has a special security feature: the date of issue held within a tiny maple leaf. This maple leaf, located on the bottom right hand side of the coin, is so tiny that the date of issue is only visible with a magnifying glass. Super cool!

For young collectors and investors, the Canadian Silver Maple leaf makes an affordable and solid silver bullion coin to add to your growing collection, with some fun features that you’ll love.