Warning: Stock Market Crash Ahead, Say Economists

The dollar continues soaking in the strong upward growth that it has experienced for several weeks now, subduing gold prices as investors turn to paper currency instead. However, the streak can’t last forever, and lately a growing number of analysts are preparing for a stock market crash. As MoneyNews.com bluntly puts it:

“There is overwhelming evidence that the next stock market crash could strike any day now.”

Money News cites a group of recently released charts from some of the biggest names on Wall St. as proof. U.K. news magazine The Week also believes a 1920’s stock market crash is inevitable:

“US analysts have been predicting for some time that a ‘correction’ is due in the stock markets: share prices have risen so consistently for so long they are now considerably over-valued, across the board. It’s a question of when, not if…”

And then there’s Graham Summers from GoldSeek.com, whose article “Read This and Tell Me a Crash Isn’t Coming” is enough to make any stock market investor think twice about what’s ahead.