Silver Price Reverting to Pre-Summer Levels

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Online Gold and Silver sales likely to triple current fiscal number

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Common gold & silver pitfalls to avoid

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Silver’s significant underperformance

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Scotiabank, Deutsche, HSBC accused of rigging silver price

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Could Silver Reach $100 By 2017?

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Silver Before it’s Too Late

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Fake Silver Coins – 11 Ways to Spot Counterfeits

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July 25: Gold and Silver Spike Back Friday But End Slightly Lower on the Week

Gold jumped $15.80 to as high as $1308.20 in the last minutes of trade and ended with a gain of 1.16%. Silver surged to as high as $20.727 and ended … [Read more...]

Strong Investor Interest and Industrial Usage Lead to Sturdy Silver Demand in 2014

(Washington, D.C. – July 17, 2014) – Investor and industrial consumption of silver has advanced at a healthy pace in 2014, reflected in the silver … [Read more...]

Where are silver prices headed in 2014 after dreadful 2013

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Still Going Strong, Silver Beats Last Week’s High

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Swapping gold for silver

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Will solar demand drive silver’s revival?

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How Can Silver, And Soon Gold, Prices Be More Transparent?

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World Cup a Buying Opportunity for Silver Bugs?

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Silver Breaches $19.50 as Platinum, Palladium Fall from Favor

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The Silver Fix is Dead, Long Live — What Exactly?

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An All-Time High For Silver Physical Demand

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Silver Still Trading Sideways, but Lack of Volatility Promising for Prices

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May decline in gold and silver stocks will create opportunity

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Silver Entering Buy Zone

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Gold & Silver Prices: Filtering out the noise

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