3 Possible “Hidden Surprises” in Store for Silver in 2015

While gold has taken off in 2015 so far, silver has kept plugging along right around an average $16-$17 per ounce – which is exactly what some analysts think the white metal will continue to do for the remaining 11 months. However, Charlotte McLeod of Silver Investing News has reason to suspect there may be a few good surprises in store for silver in the coming year. They are:

  1. Price ratio adjustment: “Some analysts believe that the ratio will drop to 60:1 during 2015. That could be positive for the metal because ‘[i]f this were to occur silver prices when using the current gold price of $1,188 per ounce would need to rise to roughly $20 per ounce, offering 26% upside from their current level.'”
  2. Higher industrial demand: “A recent report from the Silver Institute indicates that industrial demand for silver is set to rise 27 percent through to 2018 from 2013 levels.”
  3. Physical market strength: “Physical silver demand — for investment purposes, not industrial — should continue to be strong… Physical market strength is a factor that underscores the idea that ‘there are some favorable trends playing out ‘under the hood.'”

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