Top Five Best Designed Platinum Coins

Platinum is one of the most rare and valuable metals in the world. Unlike silver and gold, platinum will not melt in a fire. This heat resistance is also what makes platinum difficult to work with when it comes to making coins and jewelry. Humans have only had the technology to work with platinum since the 18th century. As such, few platinum coins exist today. However, out of the attempts to create platinum coins, there have been some gorgeous examples. Here are the most creative and classic platinum coins.

5. 1996 Isle of Man Platinum Noble5 It features a Viking sailboat with a colorful hologram mast. The hologram mast made this one of the most interesting platinum coins of all time.

4. 2005 Platinum Panda Coin4
Truth be told, any of the Platinum Panda coins could be included on a top-five list. However, the 2005 design is considered to be particularly exceptional.

3. 2010 Platinum Koalas3
The splash of color on this unique platinum coin makes it really stand out from the crowd.

2. Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf2
The simple, clean layout of the coin makes it a classic.

1. 1998 American Platinum Eagle1
The American Platinum Eagle is proof that coins can be more than currency; they can be works of art.

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