Platinum Forecast 2015: Analysts looking forward to “strong growth momentum next year”

In case you’ve forgotten about platinum in the rush to capitalize on cheap gold and silver, now may be the time to reconsider diversifying with a little bit of PGM magic.

It’s plain to see why platinum has fallen off the radar of many investors. As Platinum Investing News put it:

“2014 has been a lackluster year for platinum, to say the least. A protracted strike in South Africa and strong auto sales did little to raise prices, and when the strike ended, the white metal surprised by dropping even lower during the second half of the year, coming it at around $1184 per ounce on Monday (12/22).”

But some analysts are expecting a turnaround at the turn of the year, citing increased platinum demand due to¬†tighter vehicle emissions restrictions in the EU and a “robust” outlook for platinum jewelry.