“Beam me up, Scotty”: How Star Trek Inspired a Gold Coin

Star Trek inspired gold coin

Early in June 2016, the Royal Canadian Mint unveiled its Star Trek Delta Coin. Inspired by the Starfleet insignia, the RCM designed a coin fitting of the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek.

If you’re imagining a conventional gold round, think again. This coin is the first ever delta-shaped coin.

The unusually-shaped coin is pure .9999 gold and has a denomination value of $200. Like most Canadian coins, the obverse shows the prominence of Queen Elizabeth II. The reverse shows the Starfleet insignia along with the words “Canada 2016.”

Unfortunately, this one-of-a-kind coin sold out shortly after its release. Its limited mintage of 1,500, unique shape, and appeal to fans worldwide made the coin a highly prized piece of memorabilia.

Gold and Silver Coins Make Great Collectibles and Investments

Gold and silver coins are an excellent way to show off your fandom while investing in precious metals at the same time. Here are a few other coins that honor science fiction and superheroes:

  • 2016 1 oz. Silver Superman S-Shield Coin
  • 2015 1 oz. Silver Proof USS Enterprise Coin
  • 2014 Young Collectors Super Power Series

Are You Interested in Buying Collectible Gold and Silver Coins?

Coins can derive value in two ways: numismatic value and precious metal value. With collectible gold and silver coins, you have the best of both worlds. Through buying coins that are rare and also composed of gold or silver, you ensure that your purchase will one day reap a profit.

Those fortunate enough to purchase the Star Trek Delta Coin did just that. With its extremely low mintage and pure gold content at little over 1/2 an ounce, buyers are sure to see gains in both numismatic and precious metal value.

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