Royal Canadian Mint Makes Error on 2016 Roaring Grizzly Gold Coin

roaring grizzly bear: MetalsWired Gold blog

The Royal Canadian Mint introduced two new coins at the 2016 World Money Fair. One of the coins featured was the .999 pure gold Roaring Grizzly. This coin is design number three in the RCM’s “Call of the Wild” series. Since then, it has been confirmed that 55 Roaring Grizzly error coins have entered the market.

The RCM Roaring Grizzly already held precious metal value as 1 oz. of pure gold bullion. However, now a few fortunate buyers may see increased numismatic value due to an error that occurred during the imprinting process.

On a select few Proof coins, there is the slight indentation of the RCM Canadian maple leaf security mark. The Proof set was not supposed to have the security mark on the coin. Only 250 Proof coins were minted and all of them were quickly sold—including the 55 erroneous Proof 2016 Roaring Grizzly coins.