A Leader in Gold Refinery: The Royal Canadian Mint

gold bullion

The Royal Canadian Mint is a relatively young mint. However, in the past 107 years since its creation, Canada has become a pioneer of gold refining the world over.

Precious metal investors have come to expect .9999 fine gold standards from around the world. However, the RCM remains the only mint in the world that refines gold to .99999 purity. It first achieved this feat in 1998 and continues today to produce high-quality gold coins with five-9 fineness.

The RCM did not stop there in their efforts to create the best coins in the world.

In 2007, the RCM took their high-quality gold bullion and put it in the world’s largest coin. “The Million Dollar Coin” weighs 100kg and is composed of 99.999% fine gold. The RCM broke the world record with this coin, which still holds the record for largest coin today.

Investors can purchase coins of .99999 fine gold quality from the Royal Canadian Mint. Their newest five-9 coin is the Canadian Roaring Grizzly.