Large-scale deals to head down the mineshaft in 2013: PwC


Summary: Mining of precious metals, especially gold, has been on a sharp increase around the world. As metal prices have stabilized in 2012 and into 2013, many mining firms are taking a step back and reassessing their positions. While mining deals have cooled slightly, many other developments around the world will support gold mining as well.  Read more…

Commentary/Opinion: Some claim gold’s bull run is over, or worse, it’s bubble popped and it’s due for a long-term decline. This story is one example of why we feel this isn’t the case. Even though mining has cooled somewhat, strong demand from China, as well as miners are considering “…risk factors such as rising costs, resource nationalism and potential political ramifications of buying and selling assets.” Being cautious about the deals and ventures you take isn’t a sign of decline, it’s a sign of prudence and long-term growth.