Does the Oscar Awards Statue Contain Real Gold?

OscarsJust when you think all the excitement is over after January 1st, think again. We’ve got football, and yes, the annual Oscar awards.

This year’s nominees were announced on January 15. The awards will be handed out in a closely-watched show on Feb. 22.

We certainly can’t mistake the glimmering shine of an Oscar award. To all of us gold aficionados, our first question is – “how much gold is in that statue!?!”

From Provident Metals:

The Oscar statuette is easily one of the most recognizable trophies in the world. Standing 13.5 inches tall and weighing in at 8.5 lbs., the interior of the golden award is actually composed of a metal alloy called Britannium (93 percent tin, 5 percent antimony, and 2 percent copper) and plated with 24-karat gold. 

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