What’s the Best Gold Bullion Coin?

When it comes to buying investment bullion, gold is gold, right? Well, yes and no. Each country that issues investment grade bullion does so a little differently. Some countries choose purity over durability, or vice versa.  Some countries change the design yearly, while others stick to the same old thing. Most all countries offer various denominations and silver bullion equivalents.

But the big question is what bullion is best for investment purposes? Everyone has their own opinion.  Most investment advisors in the U.S. recommend that American investors choose American Gold Eagles, which can be included as part of IRA portfolios.

If you’re an advisor that is doubtful of the government’s stability, some advisors, like the Nomad Capitalist, recommend the Canadian Maple Leaf as the most widely recognized gold bullion in the world, being popular in both North America, Europe and Asia. If you’re a traditionalist, go for the South African Krugerrand, the first investment bullion gold coin after War World II.

Of course, any state-backed bullion is a good choice for investors. Gold beats the dollar any day!