Australian Man Finds Huge Gold Nugget After Wife Tells Him to Leave the House Because He Was “Getting Grumpy”

An Australian man just got $135,000 richer after he stumbled upon a 2.7 kilogram gold nugget just 6 inches below the surface on his Northern Victory property.

The lucky bloke, Mick Brown, is a veteran gold prospector who, after having recently given up smoking, reportedly went out for a casual stroll because his wife told him to get some fresh air so he could stop being “grumpy.”

Armed with his trusty metal detector, Mr. Brown set off and quickly stopped to dig after his detector started going crazy over a certain spot. A couple minutes later, he pulled out the biggest gold nugget he’d ever seen.

So the big question is: What’s he planning on doing with the money? According to The Age:

Mr Brown said he would take his four daughters and wife out for dinner. On a more serious note, Mr Brown said he might pay off his tax debt and buy his children a spa bath.

Brown hopes that the tale of finding his “fair dinkum” nugget – named “because when people feel its weight they say ‘fair dinkum this is huge'” – will inspire other prospectors to keep at it.

“There’s more to life than sitting on your (bottom) and watching TV,” he said.

Wise words indeed, even if you don’t ever find an 87 oz gold nugget buried in your backyard…

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