Where Oh Where is Copper Headed in 2015?

Is copper going up or down this year? That’s the question many commodities experts are asking, and apparently coming up with conflicting answers.

Goldman Sachs told Mining Weekly “actual and anticipated US dollar strength, cheaper energy and other input costs, and [an] expectation of an improvement in mining productivity” will likely suppress copper prices, which is why they lowered their initial estimate.

Moody was a bit more pessimistic in their 2015 copper outlook, predicting a negative year for all base metals (copper, zinc, nickel and lead).

Freeport-McMoRan said they expect copper sales to grow by 8% this year, telling Reuters:

“Productivity in Indonesia is expected to rise following the end of an export dispute with the government in Indonesia and disruption related to workers’ safety concerns there.”

So who’ll be right? Only time will tell…