What Does the Ebola Outbreak Mean for Congo Copper Operations?

The Ebola virus has been wreaking havoc in West Africa of late. The Wall Street Journal notes that the strain of the disease affecting the DRC is different from the one in West Africa. Furthermore, although 13 people have died so far from Ebola-like symptoms, just two of the dead have tested positive for the virus.

Now, a separate outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has led Botswana to close its borders to travelers from that country, halting the transport of copper exports in the process. The DRC ranked sixth in the world in terms of copper production last year.

Political developments, legislative changes, weather and environmental issues and even outbreaks of disease can all pose problems to mining operations, and investors would be wise to make sure that the companies they invest in are able to handle such curveballs when those obstacles come their way.