ETF Backed by Copper – UPDATE

iShares Copper Trust Approved by SEC

Could copper prices be set for a multi-year bull run? It could very well be the case now that two new copper-based ETFs will soon come to the market.

Commentary: Another sign of how copper is becoming the next metal to invest in. Silver and gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have become a preferred investment vehicle for those not comfortable with buying physical metals.

While ETFs are backed by physical metals, the individual investor does not take possession.

UPDATE:  Like gold and silver, copper has taken a real beating over the course of 2013. Slowing growth in China is leading many to believe that supplies won’t be so tight. However, Goldman Sachs recently revised its copper forecast to bullish, but other analysts contend copper will be down for the next several months. So while the copper ETF may still be on, other metals like platinum/palladium may be better in the near-term. Read more…