Copper, Climate Change and the Circular Economy – Infographic

Finding sustainable practices that don’t interfere with economic development and growth is probably one of the biggest challenges facing society today. That may sound like hyperbole, but the reality is that industries will continue to manufacture new products to satisfy consumer demand. And all the while, the planet will continue to suffer as a result.

A solution must be found that can make each side more conscious of the other. The European Copper Institute recently addressed this very point, saying:

Sustainability and climate change present increasing challenges for policy makers, businesses and society. Regulators are adopting policies intended to break the link between economic growth and the use of natural resources. Industries are making new products and systems that need less building block materials, but still satisfy customer expectations. Society, both businesses and citizens, need to be much more aware of the importance of returning end of life products back into recovery and recycling.

The ECI created this cool infographic to go with it:


Infographic courtesy of Copper Alliance