Confessions of a Contrarian: Platinum and Palladium Look Bullish

PlatinumGold may be on most analysts minds these days as they take their best guesses on which way it’s headed, but at least one contrarian is turning bullish for a different metal: platinum.

Craig Brockie of Contrarian Investment Advisors tells about several compelling opportunities in the works, saying:

After a close study of J.P. Morgan’s recent 111-page research report on platinum and palladium, with special emphasis on South African producers, I am very bullish on select North American platinum and palladium producers and developers.

Here is Brockie’s summary of the report:

  • Global inventories of platinum and palladium are rapidly depleting.
  • Major South African producers are reducing production.
  • Russian ministers are meeting again with South African ministers in November in efforts to establish a global Pt/Pd cartel.
  • North America holds large Pt/Pd resources, and select producers/developers could benefit significantly from the coming bull market.
  • After a close review of North American producers and developers, I favor Stillwater Mining and Wellgreen Platinum.