Examining Estate Jewelry: What Does it Mean?

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Most everyone knows that they like nice jewelry, but when deciding to invest in jewelry online and in person, do you know exactly what jewelry terminology means? Do you know, for example, exactly what estate jewelry is?

If you guessed “jewelry that belonged to a now-dead rich old lady,” your guess would fall in line with most other people, but it wouldn’t be correct.

Estate jewelry actually just means jewelry that is pre-owned. The jewelry could have come from the estate of someone now deceased, but it could have easily come from someone who never liked the earrings their Aunt Sharon bought them or who feel like the eighties-style gold bangle bracelets of their youth are just not for them anymore.

Some people are freaked out by the idea of an estate diamond wedding set because it must mean that it’s from a failed marriage. But that isn’t necessarily the case. A lot of times women want to upgrade that diamond size and, as their economic status in life increases, they’re able to do so. Or they may have never actually liked the ring in the first place.

So don’t feel weird about pre-owned jewelry. Think of it like buying a pre-owned car. When you buy from a reputable dealership, investing in a pre-owned, certified car means that you can get more bang for your buck, or in this case more gold for your greenback.

Continue reading to learn more about what estate jewelry is and how it differs from antique and vintage jewelry.