8 Easy Ways to Care for and Protect Precious Metal Coins

Precious metal coins like gold and silver are quite a treasure, and you want to make sure your treasure is well cared for so that it holds value. Your coins will maintain their value best if you handle and clean them properly.

Take a look at your coins. Do you see fingerprints, dirt along the rim or worn spots? If so, a good cleaning and better storage place may be needed. Here are easy tips for cleaning and storing your precious metal coins to keep them shiny and valuable:

    1. Oils and dirt on your hands can damage your coins. When you want to handle your coins or show them to a friend, wash your hands with soap and water first.

    1. Lay a soft cloth on the table where you plan to look at your coins. If you drop your coin while handling it, this ensures the coin lands on something soft instead of a hard surface that can damage it.

    1. Always pick up and hold your coins by the edges. Dirt and oils from your hand can damage the coin’s surface if you hold it by the face.

    1. Cleaning precious metal coins is a no-no. If you wash or polish your precious metal coins they will lose value because you can scratch the surface and remove the coin’s shine. Don’t breathe or spit on a coin to polish or clean it because your saliva can cause spotting and discoloration to the surface.

    1. Don’t remove coins from their mint set, proof set, or other permanent holders because you will greatly decrease the value. The coin holder, box and literature are part of the “set” and need to be intact.

    1. You should handle your coins only for a special occasion – like showing a best friend or adding to your collection. The best way to protect your coins from damage is keeping them stored and out of harm’s way.

    1. Keep your coins stored in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing your coins anywhere too hot or moist as this can cause corrosion and discoloration to your coin’s surface. The sleeve, capsule or holder that your coin came in is a good storage place, or you can use coin albums and flip books. Your most prized and valuable coins need to be stored in an airtight container or coin tube.

  1. Don’t keep your precious metal coins in a PVC-based or food-grade plastic containers because in time your beloved coins will be covered in green slime and permanently damaged. Yuck!  Heat and light cause hydrochloric acid to be released from the plastic which eats away at the metal in your coins and causes them to lose value.

Follow these rules to protect your silver and gold coins and keep them shiny and valuable for years.