How to Care For Your Coins Like a Pro

The coins in your collection are not just money; they’re precious metals. It’s important that you treat the coins you’re collecting with more special care than you would the pocket change you use to buy gum with.

Here are four very important tips to think about when caring for your coins:

  1. Don’t Touch Your Coins Too Much. Every time you get out your coins, there’s the potential for it to get damaged. Whether you realize it or not, you’ve got dirt and grease on your hands, which can be bad for coins. The S. Mint says there’s even a danger of getting little bits of spit from talking on our coins. This spit can be really hard to get off your coin, if not impossible. Gross!
  2. Be Prepared. Of course, no one expects you to collect such beautiful coins without looking at them every once in a while. But you shouldn’t just dump them all out on the kitchen counter. First, you’ll need to get prepared:

    • First, put down a soft towel or blanket. That way, the coin is protected from scratches, as well as dents if you accidentally drop it.
    • Next, get your hands ready. Your first option is to buy a pair of soft, white gloves to wear when handling your coins. The other option is to wash your hand well with soap and water. Either of these actions will help protect your coins from the oils and dirt that collect on everybody’s hands.
    • Finally, don’t touch the coin’s face. When you do touch your coins, hold them by the rim, as if you were pinching the coin between two fingers. Avoid touching the face or reverse of the coin (where the designs are) to avoid smudging and wear.
  3. Store Properly. You should keep your coins in one of two places. The first is a coin folder. These folders usually have a theme (like U.S. State Quarters) with a slot for each particular coin in the series.

    You should store coins that are very valuable to you in the special plastic cases that many coins come in. These cases protect your coins from dirt and oils that can cause them to corrode.

    Whatever you put your coins in, you should make sure that they are put in a cool, dark environment. Lots of heat and humidity, as well as sunlight, can be harmful to your coins in the long run.
  4. Don’t Clean Your Coins: While it might be the first time you’ve ever heard not to clean something, leaving coins as they are is the general rule of coin collectors. Cleaning coins can cause scratches you can’t get rid of. Instead, just make sure you handle your coins very carefully.

With just a little bit of thought and care, now you’ll have a coin collection that looks good for many, many years to come! Keep exploring the Kids Coin Corner to learn more about how to become a coin collecting pro!