Coin of the Month: Perth Mint Year of the Rooster

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The Perth Mint is releasing a coin commemorating the Chinese Year of the Rooster. A fun addition to any coin collection, this piece can fit just as easily in a collection that features animals as it would in one that spans different cultures.

About the Chinese Zodiac

In Chinese culture, a unique astrological calendar revolves on a 12-year cycle. Each year corresponds to a different animal and is said to indicate a person’s personality attributes.

About the Year of the Rooster

This year’s Chinese zodiac animal is the rooster. Individuals born under the rooster are often brave, confident, talented and hardworking. They have also been described as popular and active, outspoken and talkative.

About the Coin Design

Like other coins from mints within the Commonwealth of Nations, the obverse side of the coin features an image of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. The physical attributes of the coin are noted, including the year (2017), the monetary value (1 DOLLAR) and the weight in silver (1 OZ 9999 Ag).

The reverse features a majestic male rooster watching over a female chicken and three baby chicks—presumably these are his mate and offspring. Also included is the inscription “Year of the Rooster” in both English and Chinese characters.

Consider adding the Year of the Rooster silver coin from Australia’s Perth Mint to your coin collection – and maybe even collect all the coins in the Chinese Zodiac coin series! The striking coins are offered in both silver and gold.

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