Coin of the Month: Perth Mint Australian Map-Shaped Coin Series—Dingo

Dingo coin from Perth Mint: MetalsWired Kid’s Corner Blog

Calling all coin collectors! Perth Mint has released another unique Australian map shaped coin. Not only is this coin appealing to those looking for distinctively shaped coins, but it also features one of Australia’s unique animals: the dingo.

About the Dingo

The Dingo, or Canis lupus dingo, is Australia’s famous wild dog. However, the definition of dingoes as dogs is misleading. Dingoes have never been fully domesticated and therefore are much more like wolves than dogs.

The dingo serves as both Australia’s biggest land predator and an apex predator in the ecosystem. Throughout Australia, the dingo is either hated as a pest in farming communities (livestock has become a part of the wild dog’s food chain) or beloved as a cultural icon.

Australian Map Shaped Coin Design

The dingo coin joins nine other Australian-themed coin designs in the Australian map shaped coin collection. All the designs feature animals or images that are iconic to Australia, many of which are brightly colored.

The Australian map dingo coin is cast in 1 ounce of pure silver.

  • Obverse:The front of the coin, like all other legal tender in Australia (per the Australian Currency Act of 1965), features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, courtesy of Ian Rank-Broadley. Additionally, the year 2016 and the monetary amount are featured.
  • Reverse:The reverse side is not only in full color, but also features a dingo standing in front of its natural habitat: the rocky Australian desert. Also included are the inscription “DINGO,” Perth Mint’s mint mark (P), the year (2016) and the materials (1oz 999 SILVER).

This unique coin is a great addition to any collection, so be sure to get yours from the Pert Mint!

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