Coin of the Month: 1-Ounce Copper Bullion Coin ‘Morgan’

Copper is best known for being a conductor of electricity and heat. It is a valuable metal prized for its wide range of uses in the Industrial Revolution and today.

Copper coins have circulated for centuries. The earliest copper coins were associated with Iron Age Anatolia. The kingdom of Lydia’s first coins were made of electrum, a natural alloy of gold and silver that was combined with silver and copper. Today, copper bullion coins like the Morgan are gaining popularity worldwide as affordable investment options. That’s why the Morgan should be on your must-have list.

Let’s explore the history, facts and investment quality of the Morgan design copper bullion coin.

Morgan Design Copper Bullion Coin Facts

The Morgan coin was designed by George T. Morgan of the U.S. Mint in recent history and duplicates the popular Morgan Silver Dollar that was designed in 1878. This modern copper bullion coin is weighted in avoirdupois (AVDP) ounces, which is a common unit of measure in the precious metals market. It’s a French term meaning “goods of weight.” The Morgan design  copper coin is one avoirdupois ounce.

The high-quality 3D obverse and reverse details described below make this coin particularly stunning:

  • Front Coin Design – The Morgan’s obverse design is a duplicate of the Morgan Silver Dollar, a collector favorite. It shows a modern depiction of the ancient Roman goddess Libertas. Americans idolize her as the goddess of Liberty.
  • Rear Coin Design – The Morgan copper bullion coin’s reverse design is original artwork featuring “USA” stamped in the center of a majestic shield. “One AVDP Ounce” and the mintage year is stamped along the bottom.

The coin’s reeded edges also add to its beauty.

Why You Should Invest in the Morgan Design Copper Bullion Coin

You have likely heard that many people scrap copper wiring for a nice profit. The growth in China and India, and the likelihood both countries will soon become “superpowers” over the next few years, has caused the demand for copper to soar. Copper is expected to boom in the next generation or two compared to today’s prices.

Many investors buy the Morgan coin as an inexpensive investment. In today’s market, the coin typically costs $1.49. A 2012 Morgan minted from 0.999 pure copper bullion retails for about $6.99.

Copper bullion coins are a great choice for investing in commodity metals.