South African Krugerrand Gold Coin

The South African Krugerrand is a portmanteau of President Paul Kruger surname and “rand,” which is South Africa’s official currency. The gold Krugerrand is durable, contains high purity gold and is considered a prized possession for investors and collectors.

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Front / Obverse

The front of the Krugerrand shows a portrait of Paul Kruger, a president of South Africa who served four terms in office. Around the portrait reads “South Africa” in both English and Afrikaans, a language of South Africa.
Designer: Otto Schultz

Rear / Reverse

On the back side of the Krugerrand, the design features a springbok, an antelope that is considered a symbol of South Africa. On the top of the springbok, the coin’s name is inscribed.
Designer: Coert Steynberg



The South African Krugerrand was first released in 1967. It was released in order to allow citizens the chance to own gold and was first used as currency. This is why the coin’s gold is more durable than other gold coins. Now, the Krugerrand is rarely used as currency since its gold is considered a valuable investment.

The Krugerrand was very successful, and it inspired other countries to create their own valuable gold coins including Canada and the United States.



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