Perth Lunar Series One Coin (Silver)

The limited mintage and widespread appeal of the Chinese lunar calendar make the silver Perth Lunar Series incredibly popular silver bullion coins. Investors can gain quite a bit of value from this magnificent collection. These Australian silver coins celebrate the Chinese lunar calendar and feature all 12 animals central to the calendar’s stories.


Front / Obverse

On the obverse of the Lunar series, the design features Queen Elizabeth II. It also includes the face value of the coin, the year it was issued and the silver weight and purity.
Designer: Ian Rank-Broadley

Rear / Reverse

On the reverse, the coin will depict the animal of that year. 2000 was the Year of the Dragon.
Designer: Ing Ing Jong



The Perth Mint Lunar series of silver coins made their debut originally in 1999 and goes through 2010.  The 1999 coin depicts a rabbit, 2000 (dragon), 2001 (snake), 2002 (horse), 2002 (goat), 2004 (monkey), 2005 (rooster), 2006 (dog), 2007 (pig), 2008 (mouse), 2009 (ox), and 2010 (tiger).

Collecting these coins is a great way to invest in precious metals. These appeal to collectors worldwide and are legal tender in Australia.