Great Sand Dunes National Park Coin

In 2010, the America the Beautiful coin series was created in order to celebrate the United States’ national parks and historic sites. One coin for each state and territory will be made until 2021. One of these coins celebrates Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes National Park. Continue reading to learn more about this coin, the history of the national park, and how you can make this coin your next investment.


Front / Obverse

The front side of this coin shows a portrait of American founding father George Washington. The portrait is a restored version of the one found on all U.S. quarters.
Designer: John Flanagan

Rear / Reverse

The back side of the Great Sand Dunes National Park coin shows a father and son playing by a creek next to the sand dunes of the park. Behind them sit the sand dune mountains that have become synonymous with the region.
Designer: Don Everhart



Colorado’s huge sand dunes are believed to have begun forming thousands of years ago. They are continuously growing due to deposits from the Rio Grande and other rivers. Today, they are the largest sand dunes in North America.

Visitors have been visiting the dunes for decades, but the area was not made a national monument until 1932. Today, the area is a national park and it covers roughly 85,000 acres.



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