British Gold Sovereign Coin

The British Gold Sovereign is one of the most celebrated coins on the market today. Famous throughout history and known for its valuable metal, the Gold Sovereign is prized by collectors and investors alike. Continue reading to learn more about this gold coin.


Front / Obverse

The front side of the British Sovereign changes depending on the current king or queen of Great Britain at the time of minting. Today’s British Gold Sovereigns show a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.
Designer: N/A

Rear / Reverse

Today’s design for the back side of the British Gold Sovereign coin shows St. George slaying a dragon as the popular legend details.
Designer: Benedetto Pistrucci



British Gold Sovereign coins have been minted for hundreds of years. In fact, King Henry VII is said to have minted the first one in the 1400’s. While production halted for 200 years, it was continued by King George III in 1817. At this time, the amount of gold placed in each coin was decided upon, and it remains at this amount even today. Because of its long history, the gold British Sovereign remains a popular coin for both coin collectors and precious metals investors alike.