1 Ounce Copper Buffalo Coin

Copper has been used for years in many industries, but it’s becoming more and more popular when used in coins. Copper has a much lower spot price than gold and silver, making it a budget-friendly option for coin collectors. The buffalo design is one of America’s most famous, and it’s now available in copper form. Continue reading to learn more about this coin design and decide whether it’s right for your collection.


Front / Obverse

The front side of the Copper Buffalo is a copy of the design that was first used on the popular Indian Head nickel. It features an American bison, the traditional symbol of the American West.
Designer: James Earle Fraser

Rear / Reverse

The back side of the Copper Buffalo includes a shield with “USA” printed across the middle. Across the bottom are the words “One AVDP Ounce” and the year that the coin was minted.



In the early 1900’s, the Indian Head Nickel became one of the most popular coins in American history. Not until recently was this original design made into a copper coin rather than gold or silver. Copper is widely used in many industries today, but copper coins have become a popular way to collect coins without spending very much money.



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