Chinese Silver Panda Coin

The official silver coin of the People’s Republic of China, the Chinese Silver Panda is known around the world as a great investment with beautiful design and quality. Continue reading to learn more about the Silver Panda and whether or not it’s right for your collection.


Front / Obverse

The front side of the Chinese Silver Panda changes each year it’s issued; however, the design is always of a panda. The panda is China’s most recognizable and symbolic animal. For 2017, the panda is sitting alone and eating from a bamboo plant.
Designer: Different each year

Rear / Reverse

The back side of the Silver Panda coin shows the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. This temple was built in the 15th century and was used as a worship center for Chinese royalty. Below the temple is the year the coin was minted.
Designer: N/A



In the 1980’s, the Chinese Silver Panda was only minted in Shanghai; however, the coin soon became so popular that it started to be produced across the country. The coin has continued to be popular through the modern day with production increasing as more and more individuals look to purchase the coins. They are valued around the globe for their high silver purity and stunning designs.