Silver Canadian Maple Coin

The Silver Canadian Maple bullion coin has been released every year since 1988 and is considered Canada’s official silver bullion coin. The coin is known for its classic design and high purity. Continue reading to learn more.


Front / Obverse

The front side of the Canadian Silver Maple coin shows a profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II of England. Surrounding the portrait is the Queen’s name as well as the face value.
Designer: 1988-1989: Arnold Machin, 1990-2003: Dora de Padery-Hunt, 2004-present: Susanna Blunt

Rear / Reverse

On the back of this coin is the coin’s namesake: the maple leaf. The maple leaf is Canada’s national symbol. Surrounding the leaf are the coin’s purity and the year the coin was released.
Designer: Blad fra et ahorn-træ



Ever since its first year of release in 1988, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf has been one of the world’s most popular silver bullion coins. While the maple leaf design has not changed since 1988, a new, small laser mark was recently added for additional security.



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