Canadian Platinum Maple Coin

Platinum is one of the most highly valued metals in the world, and the Canadian Platinum Maple was the first platinum bullion coin made widely available. Continue reading to learn more about the Canadian Platinum Maple and decide if it’s the right coin for your collection.


Front / Obverse

The front side of the Platinum Maple is a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s reigning monarch. Inscribed beneath the portrait is the coin’s value and the year the coin was issued.
Designer: Susanna Blunt

Rear / Reverse

Like both the gold and silver maple leaf coins, the platinum leaf coin features a maple leaf on its back side. The maple leaf is Canada’s national symbol. The back side also includes the coin’s metal content and “Fine Platinum.”
Designer: The Royal Canadian Mint



When the Silver and Gold Maple Leaf coins found huge success, the Royal Canadian Mint decided to release a Platinum Maple too. It was first released from 1988-2001, but was brought back in 2009. It is the first such platinum coin to be widely available around the world, and its high purity make it a desirable investment.



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