Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin

Minted by the Royal Canadian Mint, the Gold Maple Leaf coin is considered one of the purest bullion coins out there. For this and other reasons, the coins are highly valued by both collectors and investors alike. Continue reading to learn more about this coin’s history and why it is so valuable.


Front / Obverse

On the front side of the Canadian Maple Leaf coin, you will find a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, Great Britain’s current queen. Below her portrait, the year of the coin’s issue is printed.
Designer: Walter Ott

Rear / Reverse

The back side of this coin shows a large maple leaf, Canada’s national symbol, and the object that gives this coin its name.
Designer: Walter Ott



The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin was first released back in 1979. Pure gold coins were in short supply at the time, and Canada decided to produce its own. Each Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin is minted with gold that was mined within the country of Canada. These coins are also legal tender, meaning they can be used to buy goods in Canada – though they rarely are used this way.

The relationship between Canada and the United Kingdom (England) is very close and positive. Both countries recognize Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as their sovereign ruler and have one of the oldest parliamentary democracies in the world.



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