British Silver Britannia Coin

The British Silver Britannia was first released in 1997 and is still a top-selling coin today. Modern purity standards for the coin have increased its value among collectors. Continue reading to learn more about this coin, and whether or not it’s right for your coin collection.


Front / Obverse

Each year, a new artist is chosen by the English monarch to design the front side of the British Silver Britannia. Each new design is a unique take on Philip Nathan’s original portrait of Britannia. She holds a trident and wears a classic Roman robe and Corinthian helmet.
Designer: Different each year

Rear / Reverse

The back side of the most recent British Silver Britannias show a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II wearing her crown. Inscribed around her portrait is her name and the face value of the coin: 2 British pounds.
Designer: Jody Clark



The first British Silver Britannia coins were minted in 1997 as a celebration of the Gold Britannia coin’s 10-year anniversary. The silver version was given high praise and has been released every year since. Until 2013, the Silver Britannia was given a 0.958 fineness, but it is now released with 0.999 silver purity.



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