Perth Mint Australian Map Series (Great White Shark)

This Australian Great White Shark coin is the ninth released in the Australian map series. These coins originally debuted in 2012. The White shark coin only has a mintage of 6,000. The Great White Shark is the most efficient killer of the ocean and is spotted very frequently along the Australian coasts.


Front / Obverse

The obverse of the Great White Shark coin features the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, as do all coins from the Perth Mint.
Designer: Ian Rank-Broadley

Rear / Reverse

On the reverse of this coin, a great white shark swims by a sunken ship against a beautiful purple and blue watercolor background.
Designer: Ing Ing Jong



The Australian map-shaped series coins feature many species that are native to this amazing island continent. Some of the other animals highlighted in this series includes the Koala, saltwater crocodile, kangaroo, emu, koala and the platypus. The crocodile is known as the most dangerous killer on the inland waterways, while the Great White Shark is at the top of the food chain along the coastlines of Australia.



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