Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin

The Australian Gold Kangaroo, also known as the Gold Nugget, was first released in 1987 by the Perth Mint. This coin celebrates the Land Down Under’s most unique and beloved animal – the kangaroo – and is made of 0.9999 pure gold. Continue reading to learn more about this coin’s history and beautiful design.


Front / Obverse

On the front of this coin is the profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. She is wearing her royal jewelry, and her name is printed around the edge along with AUSTRALIA and the coin’s face value.
Designer: Ian Rank-Broadley

Rear / Reverse

The back of the Gold Kangaroo changes with every new year’s mint. This year’s design shows a kangaroo, Australia’s national symbol, mid-jump across Australia’s grasslands.
Designer: Changes every year



The Australian Gold Kangaroo was first minted in 1987. At that time, it was called the Australian Gold Nugget and had a picture of a nugget on the back. In 1989, the name was changed to the Gold Kangaroo, and it has been released every year since. With each new year, a new kangaroo design is chosen for the back side of this coin. The Gold Kangaroo is very valuable because of its 0.9999 gold purity.

The Commonwealth of Australia was originally formed as a Dominion of the British Empire. Today, while both countries are individually governed, the Australia / UK connection is one of the closest relationships between two separate countries in the world. The Queen of England, Elizabeth II, is known as the Queen of Australia, which is why she is depicted on popular Australian coinage like the Gold Kangaroo.