Perth Mint Australian Map-Shaped Coin Series—Dingo

The Australian map series has been a popular coin series in recent years and the 2016 Dingo coin is no exception. This coin is appealing to collectors due to its unique shape, beautiful color design, and the fact that it represents Australia’s famous wild dog. The mintage of this coin was limited to only 6,000. This coin is the 10th manufactured in this series.


Front / Obverse

On the front of the Australian Silver Dingo coin is the same picture of Queen Elizabeth II that’s on all Australian and British coins. Since 1952, she has been the Queen of England, which makes her the longest reigning English monarch in history.
Designer: Ian Rank-Broadley

Rear / Reverse

On the reverse side of the 2016 Australian Silver Dingo coin is a picture of the wild dogs that roam in the outback of this beautiful country. The proud dingo is featured in silver and standing in the Australian desert flooded with beautiful hues of orange and red.
Designer: Ing Ing Jong



The Australian Dingo coin is the tenth and final coin to be minted in the Perth Australian map-shaped series. It features the dingo, which is a wild dog found in all parts of Australia. This coin has a limited mintage of 6,000. It offers a perfect coin for collectors for its beauty and investment appeal.