2018 Tuvalu Marvel Series Iron Man Coin

The 2018 Tuvalu Iron Man series is the fourth in a collection of 6 Marvel coins following Spiderman, Thor and the Black Panther. The mintage is only 50,000, and the coin is an attractive collector’s item for many Marvel lovers. Coins like this can pique a child’s interest and kick start a hobby in coin collecting.


Front / Obverse

The obverse is an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. Inscriptions on this coin include denomination, purity, weight and the year of issue.
Designer: Ian Rank-Broadley

Rear / Reverse

The reverse of this Marvel coin is none other than Iron Man himself.  Iron Man is pictured mid-flight with his hand outstretched. The inscriptions include the Marvel logo in black and the name Iron Man superimposed over his image.
Designer: The character was created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Don Heck, and Jack Kirby in response to the Cold War.



This Marvel series coin is the fourth out of six Marvel characters to be released. This coin follows Spiderman, Thor and Black Panther. The picture of Iron Man depicts him in flight with his arm outstretched and palm raised, ready to take on any conflict. This is an excellent coin collector’s item for all of superhero lovers!



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