Tips for Making Coin Collecting Fun and Affordable for Kids

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You might assume that collecting coins is expensive. But actually, by following a few easy tips, it can be an affordable pastime. If your child has an interest in coins, you may want to encourage this fun and relatively inexpensive hobby.

There are a variety of valuable life lessons that coin collecting can teach to kids. It can help them to develop a keen eye for detail. Learning about and finding coins also teaches patience and discipline—two valuable attributes for anyone to acquire.

Below are some suggested tips on keeping this hobby fun and affordable.

  • Purchase coin folders. Having coin folders can help keep your child and his or her collection organized. The folders are generally less than $5 each and can often be purchased in bookstores or online. Qualities to look for are durability and ease of insertion and removal.
  • Avoid coin dealers. Working with a dealer is where expenses come in. Teach your child to be on the lookout for coins during regular circulation. Learn to pay with more cash and have your child involved in the money exchange process. Each time, he or she should practice looking for detail in coins. Getting them involved in finding coins through the circulation process will also be cheaper than ordering online. However, it takes patience.
  • Get a magnifying glass. This tool makes collecting more fun for your child. He or she can look for design details, initials, mintmarks and a variety of other minutiae. Start out with a 3X to 5X magnifying glass. If your child shows continued interest in coin collecting, consider purchasing a 10X magnifying glass.
  • Provide good resources. Make sure your child has access to strong, reliable resources about coins. A Guide Book of U.S Coins is a great place to start.

If you’re seeking a fun hobby that your child can enjoy while developing some excellent detail-oriented skills, coin collecting is an excellent option!

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