Gold Market Analysis – week of Sept. 22

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5 Things Every Investor Should Know

A recent survey commissioned by the Federal Reserve found that 31% of respondents have no retirement savings or pension, including 19% of those ages … [Read more...]

Eight keys to Fed’s September meeting

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How to Prepare Your Portfolio for a Bear Market

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Is President Putin Pushing Palladium Prices Higher Singlehandedly?

Well, maybe the Russian president isn’t solely responsible for the 13-year-high price of palladium, but he’s sure doing his part. Putin’s unchecked … [Read more...]

Palladium breaks $900

The palladium price made a new 13 year high today and reached $909/oz, its highest since February 2001. Markets fear that the global supply of … [Read more...]

Precious Metals Bear Markets: How Much Longer?

The problem value investors face is figuring out what cheap is, and when low is low enough to be the bottom (or at least close to it so the drawdown … [Read more...]

Palladium Soars to Fresh 13-year High; Could Hit $1,000 Before Year End

Palladium has had quite a run so far in 2014. That trend continued last week when the white metal hit a new 13-year high on increased sanctions on … [Read more...]

A Guide to Analyst Recommendations

Gold bugs are spoiled for choice when it comes to investing in mining companies. In some ways that’s good, but it can be difficult to wade through all … [Read more...]

Unrest fuels precious metals demand

Gold rose for the first time in three days in New York as investors weighed the standoff over Ukraine against a stronger dollar. Gold rose 8.4% this … [Read more...]

Palladium reaches 13-year high

Palladium climbed to a 13-year high in the longest run of gains in more than a month in New York on concern supply will lag demand and add to … [Read more...]

Miners Have Already Rallied: Will Metals Follow?

When one looks at gold and silver prices and their moves yesterday, it might seem that nothing happened in the precious metals market. That’s far … [Read more...]

You Say “Pollution,” I Say “Palladium”

About 80% of global palladium production comes from two countries – Russia and South Africa. And since March, the turmoil in these regions has pushed … [Read more...]

Dubai Residents Lose Weight to Gain Gold

Dubai’s municipal government has repeated a program from last summer called “Your Weight in Gold,” but with a new name and goal—it targets childhood … [Read more...]

Common gold & silver pitfalls to avoid

Investing in gold and silver may seem simple and straightforward, however it is not. Gold and silver dealers are no different from any other industry … [Read more...]

Gold Outperforms Broader Commodity Markets

The broader commodity markets have taken it on the chin recently. But, gold has managed to outperform the overall commodity market and while the … [Read more...]

10 Eye Opening Observations About The Move In Gold On Potential Invasion Of Ukraine By Russia

There is a big dichotomy going on in the gold market related to frenzy about potential invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Here are ten observations by … [Read more...]

Stocks tumble on Ukraine tensions; Gold Turns Higher

(Reuters) - Stocks ended down on Tuesday, nose-diving in the afternoon as concerns mounted over escalating tensions in Ukraine. Bullion prices turned … [Read more...]

Provident Metals to Accept Cryptocurrencies as Payment

Provident Metals, a leading dealer of precious metals, currency and numismatic coins, has announced that they will accept Dogecoin, Bitcoin and … [Read more...]

Gold Spikes as Uncertainty Reigns Over Plane Crash at Russia-Ukraine Border

A Malaysian passenger airplane carrying 295 people was shot down in Eastern Ukraine near the Russian border on Thursday, killing all on board. The … [Read more...]

Why gold just posted its biggest drop this year

(MarketWatch) - Golds $30-plus drop today - the biggest daily decline of the year - serves as a powerful reminder that the market for the yellow metal … [Read more...]

Fed Policy to Boost Gold, Silver

"Visible continuity from the Federal Reserve Board regarding an elongated zero-interest-rate policy, a reversing trend in the value of the dollar and … [Read more...]

Gold scores biggest monthly gain since February

Gold futures on Monday settled with their biggest monthly gain since February, as traders awaited the market’s next likely catalysts, which will … [Read more...]

Q1 in Review: U.S. Gold Production Down, Silver Up, Q2 Forecast

United States gold production dropped slightly in March of this year, while U.S. silver production was up 4% from March 2013, the U.S. Geological … [Read more...]

Q1 Sees Worst GDP Loss in 5 Years; Gold logs sixth straight gain

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) - Gold futures marked a sixth straight session gain on Wednesday as the dollar weakened on news that the U.S. economy … [Read more...]

Gold Breaches $1,300 on Iraq Tension, Fed Comments

A week and a half ago, gold reached a two-week high as conflict raged in Iraq. Though investors were pleased with the jump, some were skeptical about … [Read more...]

Palladium Nears 13-Year High on Supply Concerns

Palladium prices neared a 13-year high after a setback in talks to end a mining strike in South Africa raised concerns about future supplies of the … [Read more...]

Palladium Rises to 34-Month High on South Africa Impasse

Palladium futures rose to a 34-month high and platinum headed for the longest rally in three weeks after mining companies and striking workers failed … [Read more...]

Seasonally Weak Gold Could Get Worse Before Getting Better

Martin Murenbeeld, Chief Economist for Dundee Capital Markets, gave his outlook on gold at the 2014 Canadian Investor Conference in Vancouver. Here … [Read more...]

Palladium reaches 3-year high as gold sags

Wednesday, May 28: Palladium rose to the highest since August 2011 after mining companies and the main labor union failed to reach an accord … [Read more...]