Metals Roundup: Nov. 7

Gold and Silver BarsIt’s been yet another week of highs and lows for the precious metals market, what with a weaker than expected jobs report and record high coin sales followed by the midterms and the rising dollar. In case you haven’t been keeping up, here are this weeks top stories:


India Buys Most Gold Bullion in 17 Months (Resource Investor)

Gold Market Holds Its Breath Over Potentially Huge Swiss Gold Vote (Bloomberg)

Another Losing Week for Gold, But Snaps 7-Day Losing Streak (MarketWatch)

“Are We There Yet?” Asks Experts on When the Connection between Paper Money and Physical Metal Will Break (GoldSeek)


Low Prices Spur on Global Silver Rush (Resource Investor)

American Eagle Silver Coin Sales Take Flight, Reaching 21-month High (Bloomberg)

Data Shows Solar Energy Heating Up Demand for Silver (Resource Investor)


Palladium Starting to Show Bullish Signs: Auto Industry and Global Factors to Blame (Palladium Investing News)


Copper Future Fall the Most since Mid-October (Resource Investor)