Masked man helps save trapped miner

By Cecilia Jamasmie

A person wearing a Spider-Man mask starred Monday an unusual and impressive rescue of three illegal miners trapped in an abandoned mine in South Africa.

Independent Online reports the man, an illegal miner who chose to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, received a phone call Sunday night saying his colleagues were trapped at Durban Deep gold mine, near Roodepoort.

First “Spider-Man” called emergency services, but they were unable to enter the mine without permission from the Department of Mineral Resources. He then attempted his own rescue with a little assistance from a small cohort of illegal miners, but high amounts of gas hindered the mission.

Once the urban search-and-research unit received authorization to enter the mine, the masked man volunteered to show them where his friends were located. Only one of them was found alive.

The mine, commonly referred to as the “Grand Old Lady,” ceased operations in 1993.

(Image: Spider-Man Reboot films an action scene on the streets of downtown Los Angeles. Courtesy of Eric Ford /On Location News)

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Source: Gold News

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