New Japanese Coins Fit for a New Emperor

Japan commemorative coins

Japan is celebrating the installation of its new leader, Emperor Naruhito, with some new coinage.

Emperor Naruhito ascended the throne May 1, 2019 after his father, Emperor Emeritus Akihito, abdicated the previous day. Although the ceremony won’t take place for several months, the country is celebrating with the issue of two new coins.

The Finance Ministry announced one would be made of gold with a value of ¥10,000 and one of copper with a value of ¥500.

Both coins will feature the chrysanthemum crest of the Imperial Family, a Japanese cherry birch (the symbol of the emperor) and a beach rose (the symbol of the empress) on the reverse sides.

On the obverse side of the copper coin will be a depiction of the imperial throne, which is a curtained seat atop an octagonal dais, which is to be used in the enthronement ceremony this coming October.

The gold coin’s obverse side will have a phoenix and auspicious clouds embossed on it, which are also symbols of the emperor.

Applications for purchasing the gold coins began July 11, 2019 and continued for about 3 weeks. They’re being sold for ¥140,555. The copper coins will be released the same month as the emperor’s enthronement ceremony and will be available at face value. New coins fit for a new emperor

Japan commemorative coins